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Professional Evaluation Development Committee

Welcome to the Professional Evaluation Development Committee!

While the committee is in the beginning stages of research and development, we know that you are anxious to have an evaluation tool that specifically speaks to the role of a professional school counselor.  We are collecting sample evaluation tools used in state and out for reference and review.  There are many!  We are currently working with stakeholders to glean insight learned from the development of the teacher/principal evaluation process.  We know our professional state standards will be our foundation and understand the actual evaluation tool needs to accurately reflect the role of a professional school counselor while allowing for the flexibility to consider the needs of our students at all levels of learning, all building sizes and locations, and the school counselor ratios. 

School counselors already utilize data to identify student needs, to inform program goals, and then to develop action plans for student growth.  Growth is our business!  So an evaluation system based on growth is a natural fit.  Currently ESA (Educational Staff Associate) certificated staff do not fall under the required evaluation criteria set by legislation (RCW.28A.405.100).  The legislation currently applies to "certificated classroom teachers"  (WAC 392-191A-030 ) and principals.  We can anticipate that ESAs will be included once the Teacher Principal Evaluation Project is fully implemented.  WSCA's Evaluation Development Committee hopes to stay ahead of the curve and develop an evaluation tool/template to (1) review/revise by committee Summer 2015, (2) pilot in 2015-2016, (3) final feedback and revisions summer of 2016, and (3) propose a Bill to the legislature for consideration in the January 2017 session.

If you are being evaluated on a school counselor specific tool that does address the role of a professional school counselor and professional school counselor standards (WA State Professional Standards and/or ASCA Professional Standards), please contact Andra KB at akelleybatstone@osd.wednet.edu.

Please continue to check back to this webpage for updated information on progress and possible tools/resources to use and reference in the interim.  If your schedule allows, we invite you to take an active role at any stage of the evaluation development process.

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