AIANTA Tourism and Hospitality Scholarship

AIANTA is proud to offer the Tourism & Hospitality Scholarship, which provides American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian students with financial assistance towards a degree or certificate in hospitality, tourism, recreation, culinary arts or related fields.

Each year, AIANTA awards five individuals who have met all scholarship application criteria.

Students are awarded $1,000 per semester (fall and spring semester only). Each student can earn a maximum award of $2,000 per academic school year.

Deadline to Apply: April 26, 2024 (Academic School Year 2024- 2025)


Deadline: 11:59 PM PST on Sunday, March 3, 2024

Amount: $3,000

Aki Kurose embodied the principles of the JACL vision.  After her death, the Seattle JACL established a scholarship in her name to enable students to continue their higher education, which would enable them to give back to the community with the commitment shared by Aki Kurose and the Seattle JACL. Applicants for this scholarship must be starting their first year of post-secondary education (university, college, community college, or other educational institution). The Aki Kurose Memorial Scholarship is a $3,000 scholarship and will be presented at the scholarship award lunch.

American Indian Endowed Scholarship

The American Indian Endowed Scholarship (AIES) helps students with financial need who have close social and cultural ties to an American Indian community in Washington State. Students can use the scholarship at public colleges and many independent colleges in Washington. The program prioritizes upper-division and graduate-level students, but all applicants are considered.

Deadline to apply: March 1, 2024 | Scholarships range from $500 to $2,000!

BECU Foundation Scholarship

The BECU Foundation Scholarship brings to life BECU’s core principle of people helping people. Every year, this scholarship provides us the opportunity to recognize and honor members who devote their time helping others while also pursuing post-secondary education.

The BECU Foundation is looking for member candidates who embody the people helping people philosophy by actively giving back to their community, whether through volunteering or through other meaningful contributions of time, effort, and care. If this describes you, we encourage you to apply.

This renewable scholarship can be awarded for up to two years. Sixty-four students will be selected to receive 2-year awards worth $2,500 per year for up to $5,000. Eligible students may attend 2-year or 4-year colleges or universities.


Deadline: 11:59 PM PST on Sunday, March 3, 2024

Amount: $3,000

The Cherry and Mas Kinoshita Scholarship will be given to an applicant who is of Japanese ancestry, an individual member of the Seattle JACL, or active in the Seattle JACL community, and who plans to pursue or is pursuing studies and/or a career in political science, law, education, journalism, Asian American Studies, or other field leading to service to the community.  The Cherry and Mas Kinoshita Scholarship is a $3,000 scholarship and will be presented at the scholarship award lunch.


Deadline: 11:59 PM PST on Sunday, March 3, 2024

Amount: $3,000

Elaine Reiko Akagi retired as an educator in 2010 after 38 years in the public school system.  She was a community activist, mentor and advocate for children of color; she worked with students in many settings, from preschool through high school.  She saw the relief on a parent’s face when the parent saw a teacher who looked like her child.  There was an instant connection.  And the students, too, connected with someone who “looked” like them.  Ms. Akagi passed away on October 19, 2012 after a very brief but courageous battle with pancreatic cancer.  The Elaine Reiko Akagi scholarship is a $3,000 scholarship and will be presented at the luncheon. Applicant should have a declared major in education or a field related to education, i.e. educational psychology or occupational, physical or speech therapy with the intent of working in a school district at the time of application.

Marilyn Smith Scholarship

The Marilynn Smith Scholarship, founded with the intention of supporting aspiring athletes in their pursuit of higher education, offers an opportunity for high school seniors who excel in golf and plan to continue their athletic journey at the collegiate level


The Minoru Tamesa and Bunshiro Tazuma scholarships are available to applicants who are of Japanese ancestry, individual members of the Seattle JACL, or active in the Japanese American community. Applicants must also be an undergraduate student in the upcoming academic year, i.e,  an incoming freshman or returning undergraduate. Special consideration will be given to incoming freshmen. The Minoru Tamesa and Bunshiro Tazuma Scholarships are both $3,000 scholarships that will be presented at the award luncheon.

SchoolHouse Connection’s Scholarship Program

Are you hoping to begin your postsecondary education in the 2025-26 school year and you’ve also experienced homelessness? I wanted to share that SchoolHouse Connection is now accepting applications for its Youth Leadership and Scholarship Program! The scholarship includes: a $2,500 Award, 1-on-1 Support from the SchoolHouse Connection team, 3 All-Expenses-Paid Trips, and more. Learn more about eligibility, benefits of the program, and  ✍️ APPLY TODAY at

▶️ Hear from recent scholars!

Washington State Opportunity Scholarship 

WSOS removes barriers to education and helps Washington students forge their path to high-demand STEM, health care, and trade careers in Washington state. Opportunity Scholars receive financial assistance, career training, and mentorship services that uniquely position them to meet our state’s workforce shortages.  

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