Washington School Counselor Association


About WSCA

WSCA represents certificated Professional School Counselors who work in public and private schools at all levels.


The WSCA Promotes Best Practices in, and advocates for, Professional School counseling.


The WSCA will further develop Professional School Counselors expertise by providing leadership and professional development that promotes positive student outcomes in the areas of Academic Support, Career Planning, and Personal/Social Development, thereby enhancing achievement for every student.

Belief Statements

    • Advocacy: We believe in supporting the worth and dignity of all individuals. We value caring and respect for self and others, and demonstrate our commitment in visible and measurable ways.

    • Systemic Change: We believe that positive change in people, organizations, and societies can be stimulated and facilitated.

    • Accountability: We believe in accountability through acquisition, development, and utilization of current and evolving research-based knowledge, as well as through a commitment to achieving our goals.

    • Leadership: We believe in leadership that requires a willingness to take risks, a readiness to take stands, a responsibility to act on vital issues, and a shared vision of positive results for our profession.

    • Collaboration: We believe in fostering interdependence and connectedness among people, organizations, and societies as the primary means to achieve common goals that have a positive impact on K-12 students.

    • Diversity: We believe in the additive value of diverse life experiences and cultures.