Washington School Counselor Association


Day On The Hill

2016 Virtual Day on the Hill
Join us in celebrating our profession with some state-level advocacy.  We're sending an email communication to as many state-level lawmakers as we can to ask for their support in some key legislation that involves school counselors.  Click here to download the sample email and then go to www.leg.wa.gov and click on "Find Your Legislator" to get contact information for your Representatives and Senator.  Or, if you already know their names, you can click on the House of Represenatives or Senate links to find their contact information.
It would be absolutely fantastic if you could send your email to your two Representatives and one Senator by this Friday.  If you live in a different Legislative District than where you work, make sure you send the email to those who represent you based on your home address.  
Finally, please cc your email(s) Chris Kelly (tckelly@comcast.net) just so we can see how well this "virtual" event works based on the number of emails that get sent by our fellow counselors.  Thank you!!!