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Ethics Committee

WSCA Ethics Committee

Updated Ethics from ASCA and how your WSCA Ethics Committee can support you.  

Susie Honaker Wirzbicki 


It’s pretty much impossible to go to work as a school counselor and not make ethical decisions every single day. We do this based on our training and the guidance from ASCA and our state guidance. The way WSCA supports our members in this (sometimes) delicate dance is to use a consultation model. We hold up your presented concern to the ASCA document and collaborate together to form a response for you. Because we consult remotely, it can take a bit of time for us to come to clarity for you. If you have consulted the Updated Ethical Standards ASCA and need support to come to clarity, you can fill out our  Request for Ethical Consultation 


We recognize that emailing an anonymous committee about ethical concerns is more of a reach than many of us would want to take. Below are the members of the committee. Additionally, I will first read your concerns and send them to the group. We look forward to helping navigate the tightrope of right action for the right reason we often find ourselves in. We appreciate your trust and intention to serve all our students. 

ASCA Ethical Standards

WSCA Ethical Consultation Request

Ethics Resource Covid 19

Legal and Ethical Technology Imperatives 
 Ethics Committee
Chair: Susie Honaker Wirzbicki   

Consultation Committee
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Cynthia Galloway

Rys Barrow

Maggie Halela Mosholder  

Joni Sherman

Louise Berman

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June Hyun

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