Washington School Counselor Association


Leadership Opportunities

Are you interested in running for an office next year? For more information email Brian Mathieson

Do you want to get involved in the WSCA, but don't know where to start? Consider contacting a chairperson for one of the WSCA committees.

(please contact the chairperson if you need information or would like to volunteer)



The Washington School Counselor Association current committees/task forces are:
Conference Committee
Committee Chairperson- Liz Thibert or Michelle Rolen
Ethics Committee
Committee Chairperson- Louise Berman
Advocacy Committee
Committee Chairperson- Nita Hill
Membership Committee
Committee Chairperson- Denise Reddinger

Nominations and Elections Committee
Committee Chairperson- Brian Mathieson

Committee information
Professional Recognition Committee
Committee Chairperson -Brianne Laverdiere
Technology Committee
Committee Co-Chairs - Megan Roether
Committee information

Professional School Counselors of Color- Melvin Fields