Washington School Counselor Association


Frequently Asked Questions

WSCA Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I change my membership type?
Answer: When you are renewning your membership click "renew with a different member type" to change your membership. If this does not work please email laurenmendezwsca@gmail.com or call (253)-332-5276

2. Where do I find my membership number?
Answer: 1. Log into WSCA
2. Click on "Your Account" in upper right hand corner
3. Click "My Organization" on the left hand side under Points of Contact
Your membership number is your organization id # 

3. Answer: Why am I receiving membership renewal reminders if I renewed my membership via ASCA?
Answer: WSCA receives any memberships through ASCA the following month of the renewal. You can send your receipt to laurenmendezwsca@gmail.com for an immediate renewal the day of purchase.